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A FREE Private Consultation on all aspects of Wigs and Hair loss
don't let hair loss affect your life.

Dr Ross trained and worked in London's West End. His training and work has covered Ladies and Gentlemen's styling and Wig Making and he works with the NHS.

Dr Ross has been awarded many diplomas, Master Craftsman and PhD. His service includes discussing the clients requirements, designing and then making the perfect solution to the problem.

Dr Ross has held consultations in London's Harley St, Jersey and Ireland, but now sees clients at his Swindon Clinic or at their home.

He offers the first consultation free of charge at his Swindon Clinic and carries out the consultation, design and fitting for greater client satisfaction, with his team supporting behind the scenes.

Ladies Hair Integration

This system designed to just thicken your own hair, it is ideal for thinning hair when there is no need to wear a wig, but to add volume instead.

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Lace is the most natural system available. The base is so fine it can not be seen, so the hair can be low density if required, making it very natural.

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The silicone full wig is a cross between the most natural Lace systems and breathable silicone. The base is so fine it can not be seen.

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Second Skin

Second Skin is very close to the Lace systems, the main difference being the base is a little thicker than Lace and it therefore last longer.

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Topaz Toupees

Toupees are normally held in place by tape, however they can also be used with semi bonding glue, for 7-10 day 24 hour wear. Payment terms are available.

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Hair Loss Treatments

Hair can not be replaced by treatments, but its loss can be slowed and stopped
Prescription treatments slow down or stop the loss, so maintaining hair growth.

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Cancer & Alopecia

I like to see patients as soon as possible.
I can then take pictures, measurements and colour cuttings, and make a copy of the hair style.
This greatly reduces the visual affects of any treatments.


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