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Hair Loss CAN be stopped by treatments, not replaced, but stopped.

Prescription treatments slow down or stop the follicle rate of contraction, so maintaining hair growth.
As the hair follicle naturally goes through a growth and rest period, some treatments will also extend the growth period, so maintaining a higher growth percentage, increasing the amount of hair by 5%-10%.

There are 2 main prescription treatments:

Prescription Minoxidil

Minoxidil or Regain can be bought from the chemist but not the prescription type. It is a lotion applied directly to the scalp. Minoxidil can be used by Ladies or Gentlemen.

Finesteride or Propecia

Finesteride or Propecia (made by different companies) is a small tablet taken each day or every other day.
It is the stronger of the 2 prescription treatments. Finesteride can only be used by Gentlemen.

Should you stop taking either of the above treatments you will then continue to loose hair as before.

If you would like to take either of the above treatments, you would need to visit me for a consultation.

Information on Finesteride

Consent form you would be required to sign to take Finesteride

Medical Form

You will need to enter your blood pressure reading on the medical form, if you are unable to take the reading or visit us, we are happy to send you an automatic blood pressure monitor to give you the reading, the cost is £20.00 to include postage to you + a £100.00 refundable deposit.


6 months supply of prescription 5% strength minoxidil - £220.00

6 months supply of Finesteride/Propecia - £240.00

For Ladies Only:
6 months supply of 2% prescription strength minoxidil - £190.00