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Hollywood Range of Wigs and Pieces;



After a visit to the west coast of the USA visiting the very best wig and toupee companies, to find the best quality and workmanship.


I am pleased to be able to offer the Hollywood experience, I am now working with a long established company who supply pieces to hollywood stars.


The big difference is the over all quality of the base and hair or heat fibre, the fineness of the work, so giving the most natural look possible.


Delivery - Normal is 12 weeks approx.

Rush service knocking 4 weeks approx off the delivery time...Extra £100.00 per Piece.

Super Rush knocking 5 weeks approx off the delivery time...Extra £200.00 per piece.


There is also the Heat Fibre option, Heat Fibre looks and feels the same as Human Hair, it can be blow dried (no tongs), it does not frizz on the ends, and does not fade, so all the plus points and no down side.


When only the best will do, you have to turn to hollywood.




Full Wig;

Hair or Heat Fibre up to 8”…£1,200.00 - 10’….£1,250.00 - 12”….£1,300.00 - 14”….£1,350.00 - 16”…£1,400.00


In European Hair;

8”….£1,250.00 - 10”…£1,300.00 - 12”…£1,350.00 - 14”…£1,400.00 - 16”…£1,450.00



Toupee or Part Piece;

Hair or Heat Fibre up to 8”….£900.00 - 10”…..£1,000.00 - 12”….£1,050.00 - 14”….£1,100.00 - 16”….£1,150.00


In European Hair;

8”….£1,050.00 - 10”…£1,100.00 - 12”…£1,150.00 - 14”…£1,250.00 - 16”…£1,300.00


5% discount when you trade in your previous piece from this company, so reducing the cost of your follow on order.


Any type or style of Wig, Toupee or Piece can be made.

Standard Ladies Full Wig called the Evolution -  Fine mesh all over with Silicone and edge bands to grip the head, Lace Front.
(Gents below)
Standard Gents Top System called Pierre - Fine welded mono mesh all over, can have tape or glue patches added, Lace front.