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Gents Toupees

Toupees are normally held in place by tape, but can also be used with semi bonding glue for 7-10 day wear or Clinic Bonded for 24 hour wear.

Polyurethane is one of the oldest toupee types, Average life 12 months. Custom Made Delivery 10-12 weeks.

Silicone is the latest type, and allows the scalp to breath. Average life 3-5 months. Delivery 12-16 weeks.

A combination of polyurethane and monofilament mesh is one of the most popular. Average life 6 - 12 months. Delivery 10-12 weeks.

Payment terms / rentals are available.


Any of the above styles = £450.00..Price Includes Consultation and Fitting if required.

Payment terms / rentals are available.

Gents Available Now Toupees:

I do keep a stock of Human Hair and Fibre Toupees, for same day fitting.

The base size is 9" x 6".

Fine monofilament centre to allow the scalp to breath, and a 1" wide edge band to take tape or semi bonding glue.

Density is medium thin, for a natural look.

The front hair line is scalloped, for a more natural hair line.

We hold all the basic 1 - 7 colour range, also all with 10%, 20% and 50% grey.
Delivery, Same Day from our stock

Price Fitted....£390.00

Finetech Section, A System that can be Cut Down

Human Hair or Fibre, Low to medium density, Left hand or no parting, slight Movement,
Length 5"

Base size 10" x 7" with a 1.25" wide band at the back, so you can cut the base length down by 1", and the sides by 3/4" each side if required, also has 2 bands at the back so it can be cut down to 6.5" or 7.5"

An amazing piece, get a custom order with out waiting 12 weeks, We just cut the base down to fit you, the base can be; Width 7" to 5.75", and length 10" to 9", 7.5" or 6.5"

Price Fitted....£450.00


USA Change Every 3 Months Pieces - I now offer the Micro Invisible Human Hair System.

The American way is to change the piece every 3 months, have a natural thinner base

so no colour or quality loss.

£125.00 per month paid by standing order and a new piece every 3 months, No deposit

Size = 10" x 7.5"

Colours; 1, 135, 2, 3, 305, 320, 335, 380, 4, 420, 5, 505, 550, 565, 580, 6, 605, 7,

740, 1780, 18, 1820, 20, 2020, 60..In the 4 numbers, the last 2 are the grey %