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NJ Creation Paris Nouvel Hair Topper - £486.20

Remy Hair - Base Size 7cm x 14.3cm - Antislip Base and Lace Front

Base Details Our Guarantee

At this time we do not have any further base details. The only information we have is what is shown. We will up date this information as soon as we can.

Available in the following colours:
NJ R8A-12-30-15-25T
NJ R8A-12-24-18T
NJ R8-8-33-27T
NJ R14-10-23T
NJ R8A-12-14-26T
NJ R12A-26T
NJ 33
NJ 2-4
NJ 8A-12
NJ 8
NJ 4-8
NJ 4-6 Chocolat
NJ 24-18T
NJ 12
NJ 88R-200
NJ 26
NJ 14-26